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Welcome to 2011!! January 10, 2011

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It’s the start of a new year! We’re a week in and  your resolutions have been made to:

  • Join the gym,
  • Call your mom at least twice a month,
  • Quit___ (fill in the blank)__,
  • Stop settling,
  • Be “Greener “,
  • Write that book, cut that solo album, join that circus
  • and floss daily

So far so good? (or possibly already broken). No matter! Woooohoooo! “Go get ’em world!” I say, as I slowly devour my Christmas gifts of Black Cake and wine. No seriously. That’s what I’m doing right now. I am typing with one hand, writing about how I’m already failing at the start of a new year. Go me.

But I’m not a complete 2011 fail just yet  (placing my tin of black cake on the other side of the room. 1/6 of it left). I’ve actually hit the ground running since December 31st.

*Oh by the way I got my hair did. New Year- New Hair! It’s fun times and keeps my ears warm. Doesn’t look like this anymore though. Never does for me after the first day.

*A few of my coworkers and I went into Seoul to experience what it’s like to bring in the new year in Seoul South Korea. Now, if we were going to be really traditional we would have gone to the ringing of the Bosingak Bell in Jongno. But alas the night was cold and we were hungry, so we headed to one of Seoul’s central party towns, Hongdae.

We had an awesome dinner at Zen’s Hideaway then hit up a club called Gogo’s where I met up with my friend, Sean Jones, who I hadn’t seen since my Latin American Studies semester abroad back in 2007.








It wasn’t exactly the place I wanted to be bringing in the new year- a smokey bar filled primarily with military men spraying champaign like we all wanted to be in a hip hop video, but I made sure I thanked God for bringing me this far and asked for guidance and vision for the new year.




*Last Tuesday I had a random photo shoot for the album cover of an up and coming Korean jazz group called urban shoes.






Sorry no pictures of me yet, but I got to meet some of the band members and they took me out to dinner afterwards. It was pretty chill and their concept for the cover is that they will CG a tattoo of the bands name on my chest or back. They also had me take pictures holding some high heels (since their name is urban shoes). Not sure which one they’re going with yet but many thanks to my friends Laura and Keisha who let me borrow all their fabulous shoes that I could never wear in real life.








But let’s get down to my biggest accomplishment.



*I bought a fancy electric tooth brush! Now for the longest time I refused because “I know how to move my brush up and down! I don’t need technology to do it for me!”. But I later learned that it’s able to get to the good stuff better than I can. And with teeth cleanings in Korea costing up to 60 bucks…..I figure if I can do my part by flossing daily and using my strange new spinning brush. FLOSS DAILY PEOPLE. It’s an easier goal to fulfill than going to the gym everyday and just as important for your health. Trust me.





I’ve made some new friends, set some new goals, and while work is keeping me very busy, it’s also helping to get my creative juices flowing. *More on all this later.

*And a very exciting announcement!!



So how did you spend New Year’s eve? How is your year is going so far? I’d love to hear from you! Drop me a line.



peace on your Journey*


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